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Why Concrete?

Each concrete countertop is a unique interpretation of the clients wants and needs. It is customizable, tactile, organic, dynamic, durable,  green,  earthy, permanent, has mass, can be formed into any shape, can be polished and textured, can be stained, is practical and yet endlessly expressive. .

Because each concrete top is handcrafted as a custom work of art it does not have the look of sameness found in granite and other solid surface counters, nor do they have the plastic appearance of corian or silestone.  Concrete can be shaded to colors that are not possible in stone or any other solid surface materIal.

Concrete can be seeded with colorful glass and aggregates,  landscaped with integral drain boards, cutting board reliefs, trivets for hot pans, and changes of plane and shape.

Concrete adapts readily to its environment. It is perfectly at home in the kitchen, bath, rec room, back yard barbecue, or fireplace surround.

Concrete Makes economic sense because of its longevity.

Concrete is fireproof and provides a sense of protection and shelter.

Concrete grows richer and warmer with age and use.

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